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Travel to the most popular places in Nusa Penida island. Spend more time in Penida and discover west and east side of this little island with the local. Visit the most iconic places such as Kelingking beach, Angle billabong, Crystal bay and so on. Be a witness of the natural beauty which offered by this small place in 2 days trip package.


Day 1: West Nusa Penida Trip
Day 2: East Nusa Penida Trip
Day 1: West Nusa Penida Trip
  • Klingking Beach is the most popular landmarks of Nusa Penida, a unique rock formation resembles the shape of a T-Rex’s head therefore this beach is often called the T-Rex Bay of Bali. Admire the wonderful view of the white sandy beach and the cliff with massive waves crashing against it.
  • Angle Billabong, take a dip in a natural infinity pool created by a small gap in the cliff face. One of the magical spots with crystal clear tide pool cascades into the ocean.
  • Broken Beach, a scenic coastal formation on the southwestern edge of Nusa Penida. It’s a great spot for travel photographers and anyone who wants to enjoy stunning breathtaking views. The highlight of this beach is the archway that wraps around the bay allowing water to flow in and out from the ocean.
  • Crystal Bay, is partly protected by a limestone karts island which keeps the waters calmer than the surrounding sea. Referring to the name,this beach has crystal clear water, a spectacular spot to do some underwater activities
Day 2: East Nusa Penida Trip
  • Diamond Beach, is a stunning white beach with silky blue water, verdant limestone cliff, and palm trees, one of the best places to visit in Nusa Penida and no doubt one of the Top Things to See in Bali recently.
  • Atuh Beach, this beach is a hidden beach located on the southeast coast of the Nusa Penida island. Its isolated by beautiful green cliffs and limestone rock formations surround it.
  • Molenteng Tree House, an Instagram tourist spot in Nusa Penida, overlooking the amazing view of surrounding beach. Its located within the Thousand Island viewpoint,  one of the attractions on the island and looks along the beautiful coast of Nusa Penida not far from the famous Atuh Beach.
  • Telletubies hill, located in the southern mountain ranges on Nusa Penida Island. well known for its lush green rolling hills and incredible viewpoints that overlook the entire Nusa Penida Island.  Name of the hill is refer to the iconic 4 colorful dreamy creatures cartoon character  “Teletubbies” where taking a green hilly place as the home.



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